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Our Debut Album Rocky Mountain Riptide Revival is now available

We are currently promoting for Rocky Mountain Riptide's (RMR) first album "Revival". It might sound odd that the first album be called revival but please allow us to explain. A few years back a group of kids, some from Massachusetts and some from Colorado with big dreams and big talent decided to do something constructive with their time. Sparks flew and Rocky Mountain riptide hit Denver Colorado hard. We have played all around the Denver scene at venues such as Bluebird Theater, Herman's Hideaway, Larimer Lounge, The walnut room, Toad tavern and Quixote’s true blue just to name a few. We understand that independent artists such as ourselves in fact often depend on others for some support and exposure.

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”Destined to Change” Sight featuring RMR. Our featured Single Recorded at Colorado Sound Studio’s for Sight on the Mic’s Eva Blessed.

This song has had radio play in California.

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